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Non Status Car Leasing and Van Leasing?

What's it all about?

Have you or your business been turned down for car finance or leasing a car?

In recent years, Bad Credit Car Finance and Bad Credit Car Leasing have become much more limited and harder to obtain.

 The high street banks and large financial institutions have become risk averse and for the main part, are not willing to lend to applicants with bad credit who have a less than perfect track record.  

In particular, private individuals and businesses alike that have had some blemishes on their credit history, or in the case of a business, may not be able to evidence significant profits.

That is where we can help.

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The Solution

We have access to a wide range of car hire, car leasing and van leasing contracts, many of which are able to provide vehicles to applicants who have a poor credit history or a business with a 'non-standard' profile.

We can provide you with a new and nearly new cars and vans on monthly terms, even If you have a poor or bad credit history, or if you are a business that has recently started or has poor or no up to date accounts.

We don’t see your problems as a problem. If you need a vehicle, we can provide it for you. It's as simple as that.

> Poor Accounts

> A New Start Business

> Poor Credit History

> CCJ's, Arrears or Defaults

> Past or present IVA, CVA or Bankrupt's

> Poor Electoral Role History

We will go the extra mile to get you the vehicle you require.

Your vehicle can be delivered to your door or place of work, anywhere in the UK.

Any Car Online can arrange Non Status - Contract Car Hire and Car Rental on most UK car or vans, even if you have a low credit rating, have been previously refused finance, or have adverse information such as CCJ’S – Defaults – IVA or have previously been Bankrupt.

Even businesses with no accounts or a poor trading history can be accommodated.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers finance to get the vehicle you require.

What is Non Status funding?

Non status is the term used to describe the fact that your credit profile is not the main element of your application taken into account when the underwriters make their decision. 

It could be that a non-status car lease is the best choice for you as you have had very little finance in the past and therefore have a low credit profile. Many mainstream finance companies would react negatively to this as they have no or little past credit history to assess how much of a risk you are. 

Another common reason to use a Non status service might be if you have moved home address a considerable amount. This can cause alarm bells to ring with many mainstream finance companies as frequent address changes may be deemed suspicious behaviour even though there is most likely a legitimate reason, such as being in a rental situation where it may be your choice to choose to change every six months or so.

The Non-Status contract hire and the finance companies that we use for leasing offer the facility to look past the usual requirements and are much more flexible.  

The main requirements are that you can prove who you are – usually with a driving licence or passport and also a utility bill to prove your present address. 

Any Car Online prides itself on in being able to arrange vehicle leasing for applicants that are in a non-standard situation and need to apply on a Non-Status basis.


Can we help you? We are Bad Credit Leasing Experts!

We are so confident that we can help you obtain the car want, and we assure you that when we say that we can offer Non-Prime car finance we mean it! It would be a waste of your time and ours if we didn't think we could help you.

Car leasing is a method of having a new car or van for a set term. You will have the road tax provided for you for as long as you have the car, with new cars having the manufacturer's warranty and breakdown cover. 


How long does my application take?

With our quick and easy system, you can fill in the application online and drive away in your new car only days later. 

We are also able to offer a pre-approval system whereby we can give you a decision within hours.

Our expert vehicle consultants are on hand to guide you through each and every step and even offer guidance on your choice of car including valuations. Just because you have had some difficulties don’t let that stop you thinking you can’t still drive the car of your choice.

Other car dealers or companies may have refused you, don't worry,

We like to say YES!

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Car Leasing Deals With Manufacturers Warranty
Car Leasing Deals With Manufacturers Warranty
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Quick Decisions & Quick Delivery
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No Credit Check Cars Available
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Refused Finance? We Can Lease You A Car
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