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Tesla Model S Car Leasing

The modern world is facing great challenges, as is the automotive industry. One company that always seems to rise to meet the difficulties of the 21st century is Tesla. Their renowned range of cars (especially the Tesla Model S) have done the seemingly impossible --- they’ve made electric cars cool. Even without the logo, you’d recognise the Tesla Model S instantly. The stylish lines and ultra-sleek appearance have become one of Tesla’s greatest trademarks; an inseparable part of their global brand. The Tesla Model S Lease is an excellent option for families and businesses, thanks to the zero emissions created by the Model S and the benefits that come with it.

Now you can remedy the price tag that comes with purchasing a Tesla by taking on a Tesla Model S lease. This stunning piece of automotive and electronic engineering can be yours much sooner than you think. Let’s first take a look at what makes the Tesla Model S the perfect choice for leasing.

The clearest thing that sets apart the Tesla Model S is its high-tech wizardry. First, there’s the autopilot mode, offering self-driving technology where nearly all other brands dare not to venture past adaptive cruise control. It’s also capable of a 280-mile range on a full charge, even topping speeds of 155mph, zipping from 0 to 60mph in an eye-watering 4 seconds. The longer-range version can travel up to 379 miles on one charge. Where past manufacturers said electric wasn’t viable, Tesla managed to prove them wrong. Did you know it only takes 15 minutes to recharge up to 133 miles of drive time on a high powered charger?

When it comes to safety, the company hasn’t skimped on the Model S’ detail either. Its advanced front and side impact protection architecture is reinforced by the low centre of gravity which minimises any risk of rollover. All-wheel drive comes as standard, which gives you more traction and control, and the adaptive air suspension makes it a comfortable ride. Built-in sensors also allow for greater forward collision protection. Tesla Model S Leasing is one of the safest driving options on the road, achieving a full 5 star euro NCAP safety rating.

On the inside, you get a huge 17” touchscreen that allows you access all the cars many features in an easy-to-use, ergonomic way. You can also get a beautiful full glass roof which adds to the spacious feel.

Besides the technology behind it, your Tesla Model S lease also comes with one of the most stunning interiors you will ever lay your eyes on. Plush all-black premium leather upholstery will grace your up-to four extra adult passengers.

The Tesla Model S lease is the ultimate driving experience. If you’re wanting to experience this unreal machine, then leasing a Tesla Model S is undoubtedly the best option. Get all of the above and even more by enquiring today to see what Tesla Model S leasing options are available to you.

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Tesla Model S Car Leasing

Tesla Model-S Leasing
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ModelSeatsFuelEngine SizePricePrice
Long Range AWD 5dr Auto5ElectricAutomatic£1,461.16 p/m (48 months) £1,217.63 p/m (48 months)
Performance Ludicrous AWD 5dr Auto5ElectricAutomatic£1,726.56 p/m (48 months) £1,438.80 p/m (48 months)
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