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Porsche Cayenne Car Leasing

The Porsche Cayenne lease is one of the most desirable 4x4 leasing options on the market. Not only is it stunning to look at but it has all the high-quality luxury features, you’d expect from a premium band like Porsche. With dynamic design and efficient turbocharged engines, Porsche have manged to blend the best parts of a 4x4 with the driving capabilities of a sports car. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed with any of our Porsche Cayenne Leasing options.

The driving ability of the Cayenne is second to none and its prestigious reputation is certainly earned as soon as you start to drive. It’s clear that the Cayenne is a perfect balance of sportscar technology applied to a luxury 4x4. If you add the optional active anti-roll system, the cornering is exceptional and really adds to that sportscar feel. The on demand 4WD system offers impressive off-road capabilities and makes the day to day driving of the Cayenne smooth and comfortable.

There are 5 different options to consider when choosing a Porsche Cayenne lease that differ depending on your specification preference and budget, but it goes without saying that all models will have that unique ‘Porsche’ blend of power and technology that is like no other. As standard on the Cayenne you’ll get leather seats, cruise control, folding heated wing mirrors and a multi-function sports steering wheel. The LED daytime running lights and stunning Bi-Xenon headlights ensure the Cayenne looks dynamic and unique day and night.

It’s no secret that Porsche are one of the market leaders in design - creating powerful, luxury SUVs that are future ready. The Turbo S E-Hybrid model is the perfect example of this being a stunning mix of power and technology. There are of course petrol and diesel versions available if that suits your lifestyle. The petrol version of the Cayenne lease offers drivers a 3.6 litre V6 and up to 440 bhp, the diesel versions however continues to be the most popular, which give you a 3 litre V6 or 4.2 litre V8 on the top diesel model. You can also go for the petrol/electric ‘S E-Hybrid’ model, which will improve running costs without compromising on power -this model will still do 0-60 in under 5 seconds. Although the Hybrid versions are clearly great for extra miles and fuel economy, the battery will also add an extra 95 horsepower, giving the car that extra boost when you need it.

Step inside the spacious Cayenne, and you’ll be in one of the nicest interiors on the market. The panels surround you making it feel sporty and engaging, without feeling compact. The adjustable leather seats are supportive and if you upgrade to the Alcantara trim – they are simply stunning. The dash is opulent and classy and is clearly built around the driver, making them the focus of the driving experience. The passengers aren’t left out of the luxury either, with motorsport inspired seats and a folding centre armrest. The 670 litre capacity boot gives you an impressive amount of space, and considerably more than some other vehicles at this level. There’s also lots of personalisation options on the Cayenne, so you can truly make this stunning car your own.

Porsche Cayenne leasing is a great choice for those who are looking for a practical 4x4 with great capabilities and practical space but you want something that’s more prestigious and bearing that all important Porsche badge. If you are looking for a cost effect way to drive a Porsche Cayenne, then leasing is the perfect way to drive the car of your dreams today.

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Porsche Cayenne Car Leasing

Porsche Cayenne Leasing
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ModelSeatsFuelEngine SizePricePrice
S 5dr Tiptronic S4Petrol2,894 ccAutomatic£926.45 p/m (48 months) £772.04 p/m (48 months)
Turbo 5dr Tiptronic S [5 Seat]5Petrol3,996 ccAutomatic£1,359.88 p/m (48 months) £1,133.23 p/m (48 months)
Turbo 5dr Tiptronic S5Petrol3,996 ccAutomatic£1,317.74 p/m (48 months) £1,098.12 p/m (48 months)
E-Hybrid 5dr Tiptronic S4Petrol/PlugIn Electric Hybrid2,995 cc / 340 kWAutomatic£772.42 p/m (48 months) £643.68 p/m (48 months)
5dr Tiptronic S4Petrol2,995 ccAutomatic£807.11 p/m (48 months) £672.59 p/m (48 months)
S 5dr Tiptronic S5Petrol2,894 ccAutomatic£879.39 p/m (48 months) £732.83 p/m (48 months)
Turbo 5dr Tiptronic S4Petrol3,996 ccAutomatic£1,359.88 p/m (48 months) £1,133.23 p/m (48 months)
5dr Tiptronic S5Petrol2,995 ccAutomatic£739.84 p/m (48 months) £616.53 p/m (48 months)
5dr Tiptronic S [5 Seat]5Petrol2,995 ccAutomatic£807.11 p/m (48 months) £672.59 p/m (48 months)
E-Hybrid 5dr Tiptronic S5Petrol/PlugIn Electric Hybrid2,995 cc / 340 kWAutomatic£741.03 p/m (48 months) £617.52 p/m (48 months)
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