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Nissan Leaf Car Leasing

The Nissan Leaf might be the king of all electric cars. One of the most affordable, reliable and high-quality EVs on the market today, the Nissan Leaf lease is ready to help you make the switch to electric and enjoy all the driving, lifestyle and financial benefits that come with it. A Nissan Leaf comes broadly in two forms: the Nissan Leaf lease for city drivers, and the Nissan Leaf e+ lease for those needing an EV that can really go the distance. The latter will take you up to 239 miles, making it perfect for those who cover a lot of miles, especially on motorways. The former still takes you an impressive 168 miles and is your perfect electric vehicle about town and for the standard commute.

To put it into perspective, this means that the Nissan Leaf can cover the distance from Liverpool, to Manchester three times without needing to recharge! This makes leasing a Nissan Leaf an excellent option for families and businesses alike.

One of the best words to describe the Nissan Leaf is “smart.” Nissan Leaf lease cars are available loaded with Nissan’s latest Intelligent Mobility technology features, like the amazing e-pedal and ProPilot2. First let’s look at the e-pedal. With the flipping of a single switch, you can make driving around town a lot easier with this innovative design. The e-pedal allows you to do all your driving on just one pedal, so no more jumping from accelerator to brake, back to accelerator and back to brake. Push the pedal down to go, and lift up to slow down. It can even bring you to a complete stop without using the brake. The brake is still there for you, of course, just in case, but the smooth starting and stopping with e-pedal makes driving in traffic far easier on you.

Other features of ProPilot2 include maintenance of your pre-set speed limit, lane centring even on a curve, auto stop/start and 360-degree view camera. The Leaf will also help you find the nearest charge point so you can plan your longer journeys with peace of mind.

Turning to the design, your Nissan Leaf was built with your safety and aesthetic satisfaction in mind. It features sharp, aerodynamic lines, a floating rood, an ultra-chic “v-motion” grille and cutting-edge technology through and through. You may not usually think of EVs as performance cars, but the Leaf’s quality design with the battery back in the middle of the structure gives your Leaf a lower centre of gravity. This means it handles brilliantly when taking even sharp corners and will give you that sense of dynamic and athletic performance that makes it irresistibly fun to drive. Additionally, electric engines deliver all of their torque as soon as you press the accelerator pedal, unlike their petrol and diesel counterparts. This makes the Leaf incredible adept around town and getting off from red lights.

Don’t miss the chance to join the zero-emissions all-electric club. Make the Nissan Leaf lease your EV of choice! Have a chat with one of our expert electric car leasing consultants today on 03001240979 and secure a brand-new Nissan Leaf Lease. Call 03001240979 or email

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Nissan Leaf Car Leasing

Nissan Leaf Leasing
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Nissan Leaf Car Lease Deals and Contract Hire Search

ModelSeatsFuelEngine SizePricePrice
110kW Tekna 40kWh 5dr Auto5Electric110 kWAutomatic£365.31 p/m (48 months) £304.43 p/m (48 months)
110kW Acenta 40kWh 5dr Auto [6.6kw Charger]5Electric110 kWAutomatic£353.99 p/m (48 months) £294.99 p/m (48 months)
160kW e+ Tekna 62kWh 5dr Auto5Electric160 kWAutomatic£452.50 p/m (48 months) £377.08 p/m (48 months)
110kW N-Connecta 40kWh 5dr Auto5Electric110 kWAutomatic£342.60 p/m (48 months) £285.50 p/m (48 months)
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