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Lexus CT Car Leasing

Lexus ranks as the fourth largest luxury brand in the world and this shines right through the Lexus CT. The attention to detail, interior and exterior quality makes the Lexus CT Leasing a great option for families and commuting. The CT is available with one 1.8 litre engine, a petrol-electric hybrid with a modern, automatic gearbox that has a really good feel to it. It seriously does tick all the boxes when it comes down to deciding which car to lease. You will do well to find a 5-door hatchback vehicle that carries as much all-round quality and style as the Lexus CT.

Being perfectly balanced and fun is what the Lexus CT is all about. It is essential that you have a feel-good connection with your car, and you can be assured to receive this when you lease your Lexus CT. The CT will cut in at higher speeds when you are out on the motorway. 0-62 in 10.3 seconds, 136 DIN hp, and receives assistance from the electric motor when necessary. Because of the high-quality distribution of the Lexus CT’s dual power sources, it will provide you will premium driving comfort. Lexus assures that all of their vehicles are up to scratch with their award-winning Takumi master craftspeople. The precision of their engineering is certainly distinctive in the Lexus CT, with some classy unique touches and finishes.

The Lexus CT has a 5-star Euro NCAP rating and has a strong safety system, including lane tracing assist, automatic high beam, a pre collision system and a dynamic radar cruise control. Effortless driving combined with maximum safety makes the Lexus CT a great car to lease. The Lexus CT has also been rated exceptionally high for reliability with very few customers having any issues with the vehicle itself. Because of this, you can’t go wrong with leasing a Lexus CT.

Leasing the Lexus CT will deliver you an incredibly smooth performance with exceptionally low CO2 emissions and impressively low running costs. With 17-inch wheels fitted, the Lexus CT returns 64.2 mpg and CO2 of 101g/km, while the 16-inch wheels reduce emissions to 97g/km. These are really impressive stats and most vehicle will not be able to match this sort of quality.

There is more than enough leg room all round with extremely comfortable seats, making being a passenger the next best thing to driving. There is a particularly good amount of storage, practical enough for pretty much anything. Customise your Lexus CT lease with a air-conditioned glove box and the standard USB connectivity for mobile devices that makes the interior as slick as it could possibly be. In the boot there is an extra storage cubby beneath the floor, which is great if you require additional space.

The little features and additions to a car is what makes them, and you will not be disappointed with what the Lexus CT has to offer. Dual-zone climate control, DAB radio, high tech sat nav and a seven-inch media display are all great aspects to this great vehicle. In addition to that, the Lexus possesses rear parking sensors, heated leather seats and a premium Mark Levinson sound system.

All in all, leasing the Lexus CT offers such a good all-round experience for drivers and receives little to zero complaints. From having the best running costs, a luxurious build and some really cool interior features, the Lexus CT is an ideal vehicle to lease. The fact that you are enabled to have a feel-good connection with this car is great. It will open an avenue to smoother drives and lower fuel costs and ultimately, taking your driving experiences to the next level.

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Lexus CT Car Leasing

Lexus CT Lease
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Lexus CT Car Lease Deals and Contract Hire Search

ModelSeatsFuelEngine SizePricePrice
200h 1.8 Takumi 5dr CVT5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£350.53 p/m (48 months) £292.11 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 Takumi 5dr CVT [16 inch Alloy]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£351.91 p/m (48 months) £293.26 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 5dr CVT [Premium/Tech/Leather/Sunroof]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£311.52 p/m (48 months) £259.60 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 F-Sport 5dr CVT [Takumi Pack]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£336.67 p/m (48 months) £280.56 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 5dr CVT [Sport Pack]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£270.41 p/m (48 months) £225.34 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 5dr CVT [Premium/Tech Pack]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£291.09 p/m (48 months) £242.58 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 5dr CVT [Premium Pack/16 inch Alloy]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£285.53 p/m (48 months) £237.94 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 5dr CVT [Premium Pack]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£284.15 p/m (48 months) £236.79 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 5dr CVT5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£268.31 p/m (48 months) £223.59 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 5dr CVT [Premium/Tech Pack/Leather]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£301.57 p/m (48 months) £251.31 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 F-Sport 5dr CVT5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£285.78 p/m (48 months) £238.15 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 F-Sport 5dr CVT [Tech Pack/Leather]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£310.84 p/m (48 months) £259.04 p/m (48 months)
200h 1.8 F-Sport 5dr CVT [Tech Pack]5Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£300.38 p/m (48 months) £250.31 p/m (48 months)
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