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Are Dashcams Worth It? - Any Car Online

Are Dashcams Worth It? - Any Car Online

Posted on 1st December 2020 at 02:11 PM |

For many people, dashcams are just a source of online hilarity as they watch the antics of bad drivers, dangerous near-misses, and sometimes even scammers looking to make a quick quid by throwing themselves onto a bonnet.

All this can be entertaining to watch, but dashcams are actually serious and useful tools for a safer overall driving experience. They can provide an important record of accidents, road rage incidents and other happenings that you may later rely on to prove the truth of what happened. There are drawbacks to getting a dashcam, but also some serious benefits. Let’s take a quick look, first of all at the benefits:


Pros of Having a Dashcam:

  1. They encourage driving within the rules. Not only do other road users mind what they’re doing for fear of being recorded, but dashcam owners know that if and when they need to use the footage, it has to be a complete record, unaltered to filter out their own bad driving. This encourages continuous good driving behaviour.
  2. They do not lie. If you need to make an insurance claim, the camera footage supports your own testimony, quickly and impartially revealing the truth. This means you can avoid long, drawn-out legal proceedings or insurance claims.
  3. Advanced dashcams can even protect your car better. Some have motion sensors that will pick up on potential thieves or vandals as they approach your car, automatically activating the camera. Just knowing this may discourage bad sorts from attempting any criminal acts.


Cons of Having a Dashcam:

  1. The expense can be high. For a relatively small piece of kit, dashcams are quite pricey. They can cost several hundred pounds to purchase, especially if you go for the more advanced models described in the third point above.
  2. They clutter up the cabin. Depending on the specific model, you might just end up with a mess and tangle of cables and connectors all over your cabin. This can be at best an eyesore, but at worst a dangerous distraction.


Dashcams as Standard

The growing trend is for automakers to install factory-fitted dashcams. These, like those you can currently find in the Citroen C3 Supermini and C5 Aircross, would remove the need for an additional purchase, and are more naturally integrated into the dash layout. BMW is also now adding in factory-fitted dashcams on some of its models, and already offers a dealer-fitted dashcam on the Mini (retails at around £475).


The Verdict: Is it Worth it?

Yes. Whatever the initial expense, you are installing a piece of equipment that can provide you with a practical line of defence against fraud, unfair accident judgments and more. The additional benefit of helping to keep more drivers within the rules of the road is also something that benefits you whether you have a dashcam or not.

In the end, a dashcam is a worthwhile investment, but if you are patient you may be able to get one as standard on your next car purchase or lease.

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